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welcome to world of Bukiety Floral

Bukiety Floral was originally founded in 1996 by two passionate individuals who saw an opportunity in the market for a unique brand to be built offering stunning, unique, high quality floral arrangements that delivered not only a product, but an experience. We now call this the “Art of Floral.”


This artisty and passion is even demonstrated in the company name itself, “Bukiety”, which in Polish means bouquet or bunch of flowers and pays homage to one of the founders’ own Polish heritage. 


Over the last nearly 30 years, Bukiety has built a strong brand reputation for being Chicago’s Premier Custom Floral Design studio. It was a company built by its people, and dedicated to creating “Uroda,” the Polish word for beauty.


the Bukiety mission

Bukiety is a floral company dedicated to creating unique beautiful things and experiences through the Art of Floral.

We are passionate about our unique and elegant designs, as well as delivering the highest quality products and services to our clients. As a floral-design studio committed to creating individual floral artistry, and not mass-produced arrangements, we are able to focus on our business and personal clients like no other florist in Chicago.​

Design, Quality, Delivery, & Maintentance

This is why our clients choose and trust us.


the vision

As we continue to grow and expand, whether this be individual arrangements, weekly subscriptions, special events, etc., the creation and delivery of unique beauty/beautiful things and experiences through the Art of Floral will always be at our core.

Our team of dedicated floral designers bring decades of experience to the table from various
backgrounds and experiences, all complementing each other.

our company values

Bukiety is a very special place to work, and is dedicated to the following:

Trust, Teamwork & Transparency

We all must trust one another and that trust is earned.  We respect each other and help each other to be successful.  Transparency means honesty and integrity in all we do and say.

Customer Centric

We are here to provide exceptional customer service and to delight them each & every day.


We are here to listen to our customer's needs, respond politely and with courtesy and keep them informed. We do the same with each other internally.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Bukiety Floral values and respect the talents and contributions of all people and are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that fully embraces and utilizes the talents of a diverse workforce.

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kyle hustedt

owner / head of design

Bringing nearly 35 years of floral experience to the business, working at several large floral and event production studios in Chicago; playing various roles from design, buying, infrastructure to full studio management.

During this time he created lines of business from events, to corporate subscriptions to online floral kit classes during the pandemic. He has been featured on radio as well as ABC and WGN for seasonal floral correspondence several times that highlighted the art of floral, while promoting seasonal floral trends and holiday events.

Kyle has never been a stranger to creating beautiful things and experiences. He has a strong family background of artists and creatives.  From his very beginning, he was destined for creativity: as a young adult, curating and maintaining English gardens in small town Iowa; and into adult life, performing in and producing cabarets, soirees, and burlesque businesses.

All of this melds together to bring you design and experience-creating expertise in one place.


the "ART of decay" philosophy

As we create and deliver beauty/beautiful things and experiences through the Art of Floral, we also recognize the temporary and delicate nature of floral and encourage everyone to also appreciate the Art of Decay:

Whether it be the timeless changing of seasons, nature reclaiming lost civilizations and creating new forests, fields, and flowers, or the ephemeral beauty of floral arrangements, the “Art of Decay” reminds us all that nature is beautiful, powerful and fleeting. Flowers germinate, grow, bloom, and fade.  Their freshness cannot be embodied in any lasting work ever to be shown in a museum or gallery, and that is what makes them so special – it is a moment in time.

Beauty can also be found in the aging and fading elements of nature, creating something new & amazing even in their decay – the wilting, morphing petals and changing hues are part of that exquisite cycle. Our philosophy honors the temporary charm of each floral piece, from the stunning beauty of the freshest florals of new arrangements, to the beauty found in every slowly fading moment thereafter. This process doesn’t signify an end, but rather an opportunity for renewal, making way for a new floral masterpiece to be created and enjoyed, and the cycle repeated.

Embracing the “Art of Decay” allows everyone to cherish the temporal beauty and transient elegance unique to each creation, always with an anticipation of the joy of a new stunning unique creation once more.

In the “Art of Decay”, author Bruce Hopkins reflects on the truth and beauty in nature, concentrating on how important it is to listen to the voices of nature, and to live our lives accordingly.  Decay is part of that cycle of nature, and as he writes “it is not silent.”

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where to find us

Bukiety’s floral design studio is located in Chicago’s growing West Town neighborhood. Much of this area was historically part of Polish Downtown, along Western Avenue, which was then the city's western boundary. West Town is a diverse Chicago neighborhood with many opportunities for shopping, new American dining experiences, micro-breweries and distilleries, home to floral wholesalers, and lots of neighborhood ongoings and activities. We are proud to call this neighborhood home.

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