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the ART of floral

Chicago’s Premier Custom Floral Design

Elevate your corporate atmosphere with exquisite floral arrangements tailored to your brand's essence. At Bukiety Floral, we specialize in providing sophisticated floral solutions for your business - whether on a weekly basis or for special events.

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a flower subscription customized to meet your needs

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly ordering flowers – our subscription services take care of everything, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of floral arrangements without the stress.

With our flexible scheduling options, we seamlessly integrate into your routine, ensuring that your space is adorned with fresh, vibrant blooms precisely when you need them.

Bukiety celebrates the art of decay.

We embrace the art of decay, capturing the fleeting beauty of every stage in a flower's life. Our philosophy honors the temporary charm of each bouquet, reminding us that beauty is found in every moment, from fresh bloom to gentle fade. This process doesn't signify an end, but rather a renewal.

Rhonda R.

St. Regis Residences

The arrangements we received were gorgeous. They were modern and edgy. They were mindful of our building's aesthetics and created unique designs just for us. Each week they surprised us with new visions for our lobby and amenity floor.



Personal Assistant

Everyone at Bukiety is such a delight to work with. Not only are they extremely talented & creative, but they are kind. They always go above & beyond and meet our last-minute requests with a smile! They are timely and reliant. Their arrangements are chic & timeless. Everyone who visits the home always, always, always comments on their stunning work.



Residential Property Manager

We have worked with the team at Bukiety Floral for more than ten years.  The impressive and exotic floral arrangements Bukiety Floral provides complete our lobby and common areas - we have become KNOWN for our floral displays.  The team at Bukiety are true design and service professionals.  We hope to be working with Bukiety far into the future.



a touch of elegance & sophistication

In a bustling city like Chicago, where stress levels can be high, the presence of flowers can contribute to a more calming and enjoyable atmosphere, improving the overall well-being of those within your environment.


A visually appealing workspace can inspire creativity and productivity. Flowers can serve as a visual stimulus that energizes and motivates employees, leading to increased focus and efficiency.

Lobbies & Common Spaces

Our flower arrangemengs can add color, beauty, and a natural element to any environment, creating a more pleasant and inviting atmosphere.


Fresh flowers can serve as versatile and impactful decor elements that elevate the ambiance, enhance the dining experience - whether on the table or on the plate.


Increase your brand image by having fresh flowers from Bukiety and convey a sense of professionalism, attention to detail, and hospitality, leaving a positive impression on guests.

Curated for You

get inspired

experience the luxury of  new & fresh  flowers every week


event services from head to toe

Bukiety is your one-stop for your next corporate event. We specialize in creating unique arrangements tailored to your needs. From flowers to chairs, linens to decor, we provide everything to make your event a success.


Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your event services. Whether it's a holiday event, celebration, conference, or more, we've got you covered.


Need some help deciding?  Browse our shop to find the perfect arrangement for your occasion.

red flowers in a copper vase

the Bukiety way

Bukiety Floral believes fresh floral can transform any space into a place of unique beauty. We are a floral design studio that specializes in providing stunning and artistic floral arrangements for weekly clients, gift orders, events, and weddings.


We work with building property managers, corporate offices, hotel and restaurant general managers, corporate and individual event planners, and individual clients to provide dazzling floral arrangements for any space or occasion.


Our commitment to creating individual floral artistry, and not mass-produced arrangements, enables us to focus on our business and personal clients like no other florist in Chicago.

bowl of succulents
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